The Legal Status of CBD Oil in England according to the government

Finally, many Britons are also jumping onto the CBD oil bandwagon! Known by its various names including cannabis oil, Cannabidiol oil, hemp oil and CBD hemp oil, CBD oil is simply any oil that is infused with Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol is one of the active cannabinoids in the marijuana plant and its cousin – the hemp plant. It is potent and provides many benefits. THC is the other equally powerful cannabinoid in the marijuana plant and responsible for the mind-altering effect that recreational users enjoy when they use weed.

Hemp Oils

Hemp Oils

Different cannabinoids are treated differently under the law.

As we all know CBD has like a million and one medicinal benefits. Check out this journal article and this journal article to see for yourself. If you did click on those then you have seen that there is evidence that cannabis oil can be used to treat anxiety, to relieve pain, for mood elevation, to reduce epileptic seizures, to treat insomnia and to provide many other medical benefits.

However, governments and big pharma are obviously very concerned about the legalizing it and losing revenue from the sale of pharmaceutical drugs.

So most cannabis oils are sold online and in stores as dietary supplements.

Now that you know what CBD exactly is, let’s begin.

So what is the legal status?

Luckily, hemp oil is 100 percent permissible in the country. Nobody will arrest you or prosecute you for possessing a bottle of this natural remedy. You do not need to worry about a thing when buying the product.

However, you should know that there are regulations. CBD oil is regulated just like all other stuff that you can buy on the market.

For instance, one of the regulations is that the cannabis oil is only lawful if it doesn’t contain more than 0.2 percent THC. (More on this a bit later)

Another regulation is that the manufacturers of the oil and its sellers must not claim it heals anything. If they do then it becomes a medicine and requires a specific health license and approvals to sell in the UK.

How do we know cannabis oil is legal?

Because we have imported dozens of bottles before and we have not had any problems with HM customs. This alone should be enough reason for us to know that cannabis oil is legal in the country. If you don’t believe us, open a separate tab and Google it. You will see that dozens of people have done it successfully without running into any trouble.

The second evidence is the fact that even high-end stores such as Holland and Barrett openly sell cannabidiol oil both in stores and online. Remember this is a tax-paying registered company and it has legal advisors who would advise it not to sell something is illegal, we assume.

But we know that’s not the kind of evidence you are looking for. You might be arguing that people can lie and that companies can engage in illegal business hence dismiss the evidence we have presented above.

So we did the honourable thing and checked about what the public broadcaster, the BBC, is saying about it. Yes, it is public and government funded so it is a great source of reliable information.

In a very recent article, the BBC clearly states the rules about cannabidiol oil in the United Kingdom. They cite the home office and clearly state that cannabidiol is not a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations Act.

However, if the oil contains an illegal substance such as THC it could be illegal.

Essentially, the gist of the article from the BBC is that if the product you have does not contain any controlled substance, then you are free to use.

To convince you even more, we decided to visit the home office. Not the office itself but its website. After a couple of minutes on the website, we located this publication in which the ministry clearly states that CBD oil without any controlled substance is legal because it is not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations Act of 2001 or the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971.

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth; CBD oil is legal in the UK.

What about importing? Can you import?

Yes, you can. You can perfectly buy any brand you want from the USA or any other part of the globe.

The same Home Office publication comes in handy. It states that products that contain controlled substances such as THC and CBD-V are subject to legislative restrictions and would require special licenses.

However, those like CBD are not controlled and can be bought online from foreign sites just like a phone or a tablet.

So if you see a good oil online and you would like to try it out, there is nothing stopping you from getting it now.

What are the politicians and the authorities saying about the product?

One of the most senior officials who have spoken about CBD oil in the UK government is Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

The Home Secretary

The Home Secretary

In a recent debate in parliament, the Home Secretary said that he was deeply moved by the unfortunate situation faced by young children and others who have been denied the “medicine” they need to survive.

He was speaking about cannabis oil which is still banned because it contains some of the cannabinoids that are still classified as controlled substances by the Misuse of Drugs Act.

One of the children he specifically cited was Billy Caldwell, a child suffering from epileptic seizures and whose only effective medication is cannabis oil which contains both THC and CBD and is therefore illegal.

The home secretary did permit the child to receive the controlled substance as treatment and announced a wider review to see ways that could help legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes in the United Kingdom.

These sentiments show clearly that the government is moving in the right direction in terms of legislation. It is only the speed at which things are done that needs to be ramped up.


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