London – Best CBD sources in the world’s greatest city

The city of London is the world’s greatest city by a mile. Of course, we may be biased from our perspective but there are a million and one reasons why that statement is true. First, there are the palaces. Nowhere else in the Western world is there a royal family that is still in charge and runs its affairs from behind palace walls. Buckingham and Windsor are some of the largest palaces still in use. Secondly, there is the football. By the number of EPL clubs based in the city, it is obvious that London is the home of the EPL! There is also its British architecture, its world-famous buildings and museums.

Today, we are going to show you another feather in London’s cap! That feather is London’s buzzing CBD oil industry. We are going to show a few local places you can get some high-quality cannabidiol oils for your personal use.

London City

London City

But before we begin let’s clear up something for some of you who may still have doubts.

CBD oil is perfectly legal in London and in the rest of the United Kingdom. It is true that there is a law The Misuse of Drugs Regulations Act 2001 that bans the use of certain cannabinoids. However, CBD – Cannabidiol – is not one of the banned cannabinoids. It is perfectly okay to use.

You can use CBD oil to treat pain, to treat inflammation, to increase appetite, to treat depression and to treat sleeplessness. And although it may cause some pesky side effects you can reduce the risk of experiencing such effects by taking no more than the recommended dose.

Top places to get CBD oil in London City

We asked friends around and did the legwork online to find you these cannabis oil vendors in our nation’s capital. They are the best of the best.

Higher Minds, London (Location:  49 Stoneleigh Broadway, Epsom KT17 2JE, United Kingdom)

This is one of the best cannabis and vape specialty stores you will find in the great city of London. They got cannabis oil in almost every form plus E-cigs, gifts, incense, vape kits and smoking accessories. Their products are from right here in the UK and from the USA. So you really don’t have to worry when buying products from them. Moreover, some of their products are sold at greatly discounted products. So if you find anything that is useful to you at the store, it will automatically by your go-to store because of its cheap prices. The guys there are really friendly and will go out of their way to get you what you need.

Whole Foods Market, London (Location: The Barkers Building, 63-97 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SE, United Kingdom)

This location may have hemp oil. Apart from the usual things you can expect in a fresh foods market, you can also get essential oils here plus superfoods. We have included the market here because a friend of ours said he was able to buy hemp oil at this location. There are also other high-end stores on this street that sell premium quality cannabis oils. However, the prices are a bit on the high end. So there is also that. However, visit them and we promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Vape and Juice, London (Location: 21 Queen Elizabeth Square, Chelmsford CM3 5TD, United Kingdom)

Vape and Juice is one of the dopest places to get cannabidiol oil in the whole of the UK! The establishment is well-designed and they got some serious branding on the merchandise. The price is, however, not as high as you would expect. Though the place itself is fine and everything, it is the staff who make this store stand out. They are super-friendly and provide free expert advice on the products available and their effectiveness in helping with various issues.

Best Places to Order CBD oil Online For Fast Shipping to London, UK

Elixinol is one of the premier international cannabidiol oil manufacturers that offers direct shipping to the UK. Their flagship product is the Elixinol CBD Tincture. This product can only be described as a miracle product. It has a delicious tasting CBD oil mixture that has a very good strength and is a perfect remedy for a variety of conditions including pain, inflammation and sleeplessness.

The bottle has a dropper is calibrated and is perfect for delivering precise doses of cannabidiol. You’ll have no need to guess how much CBD you are taking.

The flagship oil is available in various concentrations and flavors. The prices range from about 30 pounds (plus shipping) to about 200 pounds.

Elixinol hemp oil

Elixinol Hemp Oil

Diamond CBD is a relatively new company that is based in Florida, United States. They make plenty of different types of products but their best-selling ones are their pain-relieving hemp oils. For example, there is the LT Pain Master which is specifically formulated to help athletes to recover faster from training and to specifically alleviate muscle soreness and pain.

Another example is the premium full-spectrum natural remedy that is virtually perfect for treating anything that CBD can treat.

All its products do not contain any THC, so you shouldn’t expect to get high from any of its products.

Check out their current prices at

What Makes London the greatest city in the world?

London is awesome in every sense of the word. Anything you want you can get in London. It has got some of the finest real estate, architectural masterpieces, historical places, great art, and a decent cuisine. Let’s not forget that it is the footballing capital of the world being that it is home to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham!

And now you can also get to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. The top places we have listed have everything you need in terms of cannabis oil. If you want more variety, you can always visit the international stores we have listed. They have got fast shipping to London.

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