Miracle Products CBD Oil Review

Miracle Nutritional Products is a relatively unknown cannabis oil company operating right here in the UK. The company specializes in trading its own branded cannabis oils. Its flagship product, the Miracle CBD oil, is a hemp-infused health supplement known to have a variety of benefits including weight loss, stress relief, pain relief, enhancing immunity, and increasing mental focus and wellbeing.

Apart from its flagship cannabis oil, the company also makes a variety of products including CBD-infused edibles, vape juices and topicals.

The products seem to be well-made with the right ingredients that capable of doing what the company says they can do. However, there are a few issues one might have with the manufacturer. For example, the company clearly states that its products are perfectly legal. However, the labelling on its oil says cannabis oil which may cause some delays when importing.

There is also a problem with the branding. By calling themselves and their oils “miracle products” the company creates the impression that they are trying too hard and that they might be selling snake oil even though this is not the case.

In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of the company plus everything else you need to know about Miracle Nutritional Products Limited and its products.

The Pros

  • Has CBD oils that are famous for promoting weight loss and general well-being
  • Some of the best products for combating stress, inflammation and pain
  • They clearly state that their products are made using legal sources
  • Products are made from 100% natural hemp sources

The Cons

  • The website seems to be in a serious need for an upgrade as it is relatively difficult to navigate
  • The company labels its oils as cannabis oil which may cause problems with the authorities
  • They do have about us information and therefore seem as if they are not confident about who they are

Current Promotions at Miracle CBD

The prices of most of the products on the site appear to be sold at a great discount. Some even have 40% discounts. However, this cannot be verified because we do not know what the previous prices were. Anyway, the new prices seem reasonable.

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Non-promotional offers

No known non-promotional offers are available on the site

Available products

Miracle Products Tinctures

Miracle Product tinctures are perhaps the company’s best-selling products along with its Miracle Smoke e-liquid brand.

Some reviewers argue that the company’s tinctures are the best for relieving stress, promoting weight loss and reducing pain. This is perhaps because the company produces its cannabis oils from industrial hemp strains with the highest cannabidiol content. Their cannabis oils are also highly concentrated, perhaps another reason why they have the potency that some reviewers think they have.

However, it must be pointed out that despite labeling their tinctures/ oils as “cannabis oil”, their products are perfectly legal because they are made from hemp and do not contain any THC.

The company also clearly states that none of its products contravenes the Controlled Substances Act.

Miracle Cannabis Oil

Miracle Cannabis Oil

Miracle Products EDIBLES

The company has CBD gummies and chewable crumble dabs. The gummy bears are tasty and made with cannabidiol from lab-tested European hemp. Both products are perfect for enhancing general health and wellbeing. There is nothing not to love about them. The taste and the effectiveness are just on point. Though it is not stated on the labels perhaps due to legal restrictions, the gummies do provide an element of relaxation. So if that is what you were looking for, then you should certainly get this type of product from them.

Miracle Products E-liquids

E-liquids are basically smokable cannabis oils. They are meant to be used as vape juices. Miracle Products carries multiple CBD e-liquids going by the name Miracle Smoke. They are relatively popular in Florida vape shops and are available in multiple flavors – blueberry, vanilla, watermelon and strawberry. These oils are said to significantly improve general mood and the health of the nervous system.

Miracle Products Topicals

The company has two topical products – CBD Chiro Cream and Dr. ChapenHagen’s Hemp Stick. Both products are meant for external use. Not much is known about the hemp stick but the Chiro cream has some pretty impressive reviews from those who have tried it. Some say the cream is perfect for massage and for general application as it provides amazing chronic pain relief.

Miracle Products CBD Capsules

Capsules are a convenient way to take cannabidiol. Each capsule from Miracle Products contains phytocannabinoids and terpenes including Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha & Beta -pinene, Linalool, B-caryophyllene, Caryophyllene oxide, Terpinolene and Humulene. These naturally occurring compounds are thought to give health and to have a great synergistic effect on general well-being.

Miracle CBD capsules

Miracle Products CBD capsules

Company Details

Company Name:

Miracle Nutritional Products Limited


North America: 1-800-764-3914




Office 3 Unit R Penfold Works, Imperial Way Watford, Herts, United Kingdom WD244YY

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday 9AM-5PM GMT

Some reviews and ratings

Unfortunately, the company has no know Facebook page. This is not good as it makes it difficult to judge it on other reviews that may be written for profit. It is also a red flag in the sense that it indicates that the company does not want to expose itself to public reviews.

The reviews on other websites range from 2.5/5 stars to 4.5/5 stars. Again this kind of fluctuation is not normal. It is our guess that it may be caused by the fact that there are only a handful of people who have interacted with the company’s products hence the widely varying responses; a much wider user base could give a more consistent rating.

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