Pure Science Lab Oil Review

Pure Science Lab is one of the few UK-based companies selling lab-tested and approved CBD dietary supplements.

The company does everything scientifically. From the extraction to the processing, the infusion and even the packaging, everything is done using the latest scientific machinery to ensure safety and effectiveness.

What will perhaps impress you the most about this enterprise is its variety of products. The company has CBD oils, creams and several other exciting products.

The products are relatively affordable for those with special discount codes (see promotions section). Those without the codes can still buy the products but at the stated prices.

Pure Oil

Available products

Although UK-based, the company seems to have a US focus. This may be disconcerting to some but to most, it is not as the products will arrive within the normal three to five business day window (unfortunately they do not have same day shipping).

In this article, we discuss things like this and other important details about Pure Science Lab. Read on to find out more!

The Pros

  • uses the best scientific methods to extract and process their CBD products
  • They have a wide range of products to suit different tastes
  • CW has one of the fastest shipping times to the UK
  • They have exciting vape products including a complete kit
  • It makes premium irresistible cannabidiol-infused dark chocolate

The Cons

  • The website is not the most interactive or navigable website out there
  • Only two payment options are available on the site

Current Promotions at Pure Science CBD oil

One of the promotions you can enjoy right now is a $100 (US dollars) discount on your 5000 mg cannabidiol extract hemp oil. Enter the code “Pure5000” without the quotations when checking out to be able to enjoy this exciting offer.

Other promos are usually made available throughout the year. Subscribe to our site and we will keep you up to date with every new promo or offer on the site.

Non-promotional offers

30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee: Pure Science Lab takes pride in the quality of its products. In fact, the company is so sure about the effectiveness of its products that it will give you a full refund in case you are not satisfied with their products in any way.

They also refund customers for products damaged during shipping.

Available products

Pure Science Lab Hemp Oil

Pure Science Lab has been making CBD oil in Florida for quite some time now. As the company name implies, all of its products are made exclusively using the best scientific methods. This is a real advantage in the current CBD market. Because by the fact that they use the best extraction and processing methods, customers can be sure of the quality and effectiveness of their products.

The company’s CBD oil is made using 100% natural industrial hemp and it is perfect for improving energy and focus, eliminating pain (even chronic pain), for treating insomnia, and for reducing anxiety and stress. In short, taking the Pure Science Lab Hemp oil regularly can greatly improve your health and well-being.

Pure Science Lab cannabidiol capsules

The company has some potent dietary capsules. Some are softgel capsules with 25 mg concentration of pure hemp extract. This powerful concentration is perfect for stimulating the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) and restoring it to its full health. What we are saying is that these capsules can improve your nervous system, your mood and general health. The capsules are made in the USA.

Pure Science Lab vape kit

Vape Kit

Vape Kit

Under its Good Vibes label, Pure Science Lab makes some of the coolest cannabidiol merchandise including this premium vape kit that includes a complete vape kit plus a full-spectrum hemp oil vape juice to get you started.

The complete kit includes a ceramic cartridge, a rechargeable battery and a case, while the full-spectrum hemp oil vape juice is available in three exciting flavours – Original (flavourless), Pineapple Express, and Durban Poison.

Vaping cannabis oil is thought to get it to work much faster than by taking it as oil.

Pure Science Lab topicals

The company has skin creams, lotions and salves for topical application. The products are specially formulated for special purposes. For example, some are for pain and inflammation, while others are meant to soothe sensitive skin. Moreover, just the fact that the products are made of hemp oil automatically means that they will make your skin look firm and young; added benefits that most users will surely appreciate.

Pure Science Lab edibles and tea

The company has a wide range of premium CBD-infused edible products including pomegranate tea, gummies and peanut butter! These products make it easy and convenient to regularly consume cannabidiol. Nevertheless, their best edible product is the premium dark chocolate bar. We reckon that Pure Science Lab is the only premium UK brand making cannabidiol-infused chocolates.

The chocolate bar is gluten-free and made of great tasting chocolate. Definitely, a delicious way to improve your health.

Pure Science Lab dog and cat treats

The company has a wide range of cannabis-infused veterinarian formulated dog and cat treats to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Company Details

Company Name:

Pure Science Lab






Office 3 Unit R   Penfold Works,   Imperial Way  Wartford, Herts, United Kingdom WD244YY

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday 9AM-5PM GMT

Some reviews and ratings

Pure Science Lab Facebook Page: Unfortunately this is not a products page and Facebook users can’t really rate the page. However, from the comments, you can tell that most dietary supplements from the company are fairly rated. Most of the comments are from former and current users complimenting the company for its wonderful products. There are also pictures of the company salesmen doing seminars and pitching their products in different places, which creates some sort of credibility (they are not a phony company).

On most other review sites, Pure Science Lab products have an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. This is excellent and shows that the company products have a positive impact in the lives of customers.

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